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Being-Human, Human

Humans, planet Earth, from A to B, to C, and beyond …..

ISBN 9781697356038
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Being-Human, Human
Humans, planet Earth, from A to B, to C, and beyond ….. read this book and enjoy it.
A Brief History of Mankind – Kizur Toldot Ha-Enosbut
author: Yuval Noah Harari.
Harari presents loose facts about detail topics, criss-crossing over time. The book does not really read pleasantly, and after reading, the reader is left with countless questions.
This book (Being-Human, Human) is much better and is easily readable with a historical overview from prehistoric times to the present day, and when you have read that, you can understand more easily what was and is important in the world.

Who are we, where do we come from, where to go and what can we do?
Point zero …. the origin of substance and antibody. Two masses of matter, brought together, they are a completely dusty vacuum, each having actual substance-specific identities. Substance and antibody start ‘to populate’ the boundless cosmos, probably in the form of radiation. A very nice mist of the smallest elementary matter units hung in the universe. From this first material existence, other expressions of matter have been evolved. Presumably, through an almost infinite number of intermediate forms, the solid matter has been formed and very simple organic substances were formed from inorganic substances. Organic substances necessary for the formation of the life of flesh and blood. After an evolution of billions of years, biological life became increasingly perfected, the vertebrate animals entered the show, finally the monkey appeared on the world stage. And then, most of the theories speak about a million years ago, the world saw the evolution of humans into the world. The embodiment of a higher form of life. The spiritual life, crystallized in man, began. Humanity represents a complete phase somewhere in the great physical and spiritual evolution process. Humanity is not doomed to ruin; on the contrary, humans are given a great job. A task that they can fully accomplish and certainly bring to a good end when man really succeeds in being a human being.
Blitzkrieg, according to a persistent legend, this word would have been used for the first time in Time Magazine, on September 25, 1939 after the German invasion of Poland. The word itself is OK, but the notion ‘Blitzkrieg’ was nothing new at all. L’histoire se répète, the Macedonian king and army commander Filippus waged war in the same manner already hundreds of years before our era.
The world of today is barely understood without cognizance of the past. For that reason, in this book a historical overview is given from prehistoric times to the present day. Focused on political decision making and the various backgrounds. Set for example the hassle around everything of BREXIT against what happened concerning the so-called Treaty of Rome.
This book is dedicated by the author to Eric, his godchild, who inspired him to describe the whole history of humanity. This book is timeless. Now continue, build on a better world. Know what to do. It’s simple: Being-Human, Human.

Be yourself, do well, enjoy freedom together with everyone.

Being-Human, Human
  • AUTHOR: Ir J.F. Jacobs

  • LANGUAGE: English

  • DATE: october 2019

  • PAGES: 168 pages

  • PUBLISHER: Independently published

  • ISBN: 9781697356038