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Budgetary Control

Scientific Perfection Business Economics

ISBN 9798708341112
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Budgetary Control_Scientific Perfection Business Economics

Incorrect, incomplete analysis leads to mismanagement.
This book goes beyond the borders of set science, an rewrites large tracts of Budgetary Control as it is currently badly taught worldwide.

Operational management needs to know the causes of below standard performance in order to improve operations. In practice a lot goes wrong regarding difference analysis. No wonder, since it is not well explained in textbooks hence it is not properly understood. It is not an art to make a correct total count. This can usually be done in various ways. But that is by no means a correct difference analysis. Apart from the differences, it mainly concerns its causes. Every analysis must bring clarity; however, there is confusion everywhere. Mapping out all the pluses and minuses precisely, that’s what it’s all about. Incorrect, incomplete, unclear analysis leads to mismanagement. What we find in many textbooks and in all kinds of curricula is completely unnecessary ballast. Definitions and formulas in all sorts of variants in many textbooks, they are confusing and not really enlightening.

The purpose of this book is to explain the use of budgeting and budgetary control within companies in order to help economists and those who run the firm (as well as students and scholars of business administration and business economics) to perform their job better. In addition to the SB (Standard Budget), often an AB (Actual Budget) is present too; besides what is standard, the concern is also what is actual. And afterwards of course RR (Real Result).
The whole difference between SB and RR as well as between SB and AB must be exposed. Mapping out all pluses and minuses precisely, that’s what it’s all about. No Greek word has been used in all elaborations presented in this book, and although factual formulas have indeed been used, everything is automatically drawn up in a logical way so that everyone can also understand the analysis made. There is no need for difference analysis, rather just common sense. Remember, every analysis must be clear and transparent.

The elaborated exercises in the book Budgetary Control are very clearly presented and make it easy understand that the writers of the mentioned textbooks and the examiners of official exams, mostly professors, are all in fact harming their students.

The purpose and the meaning of the difference analysis is:
GET THE LEAKAGE ABOVE WATER. Every analysis must bring clarity.
Where did we lose money? Where did it go wrong?
Maybe one can claim certain losses are due to third parties, on condition one is able to prove it. Learning from mistakes made. Where did it go better than expected according to plan? Behind the variances are people. Who is losing money and who is earning money? The latter people deserve a pat on the back

Budgetary Control
  • AUTHOR: Ir J.F. Jacobs

  • LANGUAGE: English

  • DATE: February 2021

  • PAGES: 157 pages

  • PUBLISHER Independently published

  • ISBN: 9798708341112