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Government, Economics, Money, Capital

ISBN 9798788454153
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Within the context of where Europe is and should be heading, this book examines government at various levels, geopolitical as well as down to regional and municipal level. In the core is outlined the guideline of healthy, transparent and sustainable organization, with self-regulatory capacity, in all instances. This book also explains what one generally needs to know about economics, money and capital. Finally, it includes analysis and comments on the work of Thomas Piketty ‘Capital in the 21st Century’.

The author’s viewpoint is that the way things are currently going in Europe is a dead end road, particularly from the economic perspective. If current trends continue then Europe will cease to be an economic powerhouse and will deteriorate, until in the end, interesting places for tourists to visit, will be the only thing left. The European Union is up to the present a voluntary partnership of sovereign European states. The idea was to gradually and voluntarily strengthen cooperation while still maintaining each country’s sovereignty, but this is no longer effective. There is an alternative way forward, which is explained within this book.

The work of Thomas Piketty includes a lot of data over many centuries and in many countries. The first and second ‘Fundamental Laws of Capitalism’ are central in his book. It is revealed that Piketty’s claims are not always correct, for instance the First Fundamental Law of Capitalism is based on a static approach to reality. Also a far better formula is available compared to Piketty’s Second Fundamental Law of Capitalism.

Government, Economics, Money, Capital
  • AUTHOR: Ir J.F. Jacobs

  • LANGUAGE: Englisch

  • DATE: march 2017

  • PAGE: 158 pages


  • ISBN: 9798788454153

  • ASIN: B09NZH3HG3