Chapter 2   Money Calculus

The Learning Goals and Learning Content are indicated at the beginning of each Chapter.

And there is a Summary at the end of each Chapter.

From Summary Chapter 2:

1          The compounding c.q. discounting formula

2          The formula of the constant annuities

Hardly more is needed than these two formulas. From Chapter 2, taken literally:

Only a few formulas are needed to solve all sorts of Money Calculus problems quickly and easily. Whoever can apply both formulas, from Summary Chapter 2, can continue with Chapters 3 and 4 that deal with Legal Forms and Investments.

Learning Content Chapter 3

Legal forms according to Dutch law:

1     Sole Proprietorship (other legal forms are somewhat different in many countries, but often comparable);

2     VOF;

3     CV;

4     CV with shares;

5     BV;

6     NV_ Plc, SA and Inc. Corp. or Co.;

7     Association;

8     Foundation.

In many countries there are other, but often comparable legal forms to those according to Dutch law.

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